Monday, May 11, 2015

Woman Performs Oral Sex At Party To Gage's 'Throat' Song

A video of a woman performing oral sex on a man at a party has been leaked online. The video has been seen on several X-rated websites and is being circulated via Whatsapp.

The video starts with the woman, prior to performing the act, begging the individual who captured the recording using what appears to be a smartphone, not to expose the footage on video sharing website YouTube, as her mother would 'kill' her.

Instructive lyrics from the song, Throat, by Dancehall artiste Gage, can be heard blasting from the speakers inside the event.

The woman performing oral sex in the one-minute video appears to be in her mid-20s. In the footage, she goes on her knees and grabs the man's member, releases it from his shorts and inserts it in her mouth. By this time, a cheering crowd has gathered.

To their amusement, the male wraps his leg around the woman who is still in a stooping position. She uses her agility to slightly lift him up while still performing the act.

The woman then releases him from what appears to be a firm grip, sending him crashing to the floor.

The patrons were delighted and she shouts, "a me fling him down, a me drop him."

Patrons, including tourists, can be heard begging for an encore. It was not disclosed where the party was being held. This video is one of the latest in what appears to be a series of lewd acts captured at several parties.

Just two weeks ago, a video showing a half-naked woman and a man attempting to have sex at the popular Nipples Tuesdays dance have been making the rounds on social media. The promoter was of the opinion that it is not a trend taking place in parties.

However, checks with at least two other promoters of weekly events revealed that such practices are commonplace. They told our news team that oral sex is a regular occurrence at events.