Friday, June 26, 2015

Aidonia Awards 'One Voice Scholarship' To First Set Of Recipients

Aidonia, through his One Voice Educational Foundation awarded the first scholarship recipient Sherika Coke from the Maxfield Park Primary school at the school's award ceremony on Thursday, June 25.

Six (6) students were honored for their academic excellence with the top awardee receiving a five (5) year high school scholarship and five (5) students receiving book grants. 

The Foundation focuses on contributing to community development as well as the educational development of students at the institution. One Voice Educational Foundation was launched in October 2014.

Forming one of several nodes of the Foundation, the Scholarship is geared towards assisting students of the Maxfield Park Primary School with their educational challenges as they transition into high school.

Worth almost $300,000 Jamaican dollars the scholarship focuses on five students at the grade six level. The top student who exemplify good behaviour, attitude, maintain the highest grades and overall progress throughout their primary school tenure and passes their GSAT Examinations receives an annual grant of $200,000 for high school. The remaining four each receive a $20,000 book voucher annually to offset high school expenses.

Speaking with several members of the media, Aidonia reiterated his commitment to the development of our next generation of leaders.