Monday, June 22, 2015

Dancehall Artiste 'Transporta' Mobbed at Concert After Being Mistaken For Ludacris

Jamaican entertainer Marlon McKen more popularly known as Transporta was the recipient of a mobbing by fans after he was mistaken by members of the audience for American rap superstar Ludacris at a recent concert in Orlando, Florida.

The U.S based dancehall artiste who bears a striking resemblance to the rapper was a part of the production setup for a Fleetwood Mack concert. He explained he was making his way backstage when he was stopped by a couple who proceeded to ask if he was “the guy who did the song with Justin Beiber (Baby)” he’ responded, “No I am not”. However they did not believe and proceeded to ask for a photo and autograph when he declined they started shouting repeatedly, “Hey everyone look its Ludacris” and that’s when the melee ensued. He said amid trying to convince the gathering he was not the rapper he was forced to make a hasty dash to for the backstage and was rescued by security but not before losing his jacket and sunglasses.

“Occasionally people have told me I look like Ludacris and I never took it as anything, I am a fan of the artiste but I am not trying to impersonate anyone. This incident has me seriously considering to change my image to avoid a reoccurrence because if it was not for the security the situation could have spiralled out of control.”

Currently promoting his latest single ‘She Likes Me’ Transporta is expected to visit Jamaica in the coming weeks to commence a promotional campaign around the single. 

The Jamaican singer/songwriter is best known for his 2012 hit ‘I Wanna Dance With You’. The EDM influenced beat mixed with carefully crafted synthesized harmonies resulted in an explosive track that had partygoers working up a sweat on the Florida club circuit. The overnight success of the song resulted in an official video being shot which has garnered in excess of 113,000+ views on the VEVO network since it premiered and almost 500,000 views on Youtube and continues to steadily grow. 

Come 2015 Transporta has shifted from the dance genre and has set his focus on the Dancehall game in what he describes as going back to his roots.