Friday, June 5, 2015

Etana's Facebook Page Hacked & Flooded With Porn

Jamaican reggae songbird Etana announced today, June 4, that her Facebook fan page has been hacked.

The page, which has in excess of 500 thousand followers, had been strewn with images and links to pornographic photos and stories.

In a radio interview, the Warrior Love singer explained that her team has been working tediously with Facebook to rectify the issue.

“On that page I have 519,000 people following from across the world. Somebody is very unhappy; dem ah go hard. We have been working with Facebook back and forth to resolve it because the page is completely detached from [my] personal page that it was built from,” Etana continued.

Etana further contended that the problem the platform is having is that because of the detachment, Facebook doesn’t know where the fan page is connected to.

“Apparently they [the hackers] can’t take the heat, they don’t know or like what’s going on the road – I don’t know, but somebody’s really unhappy,” she argued.

The Blessings singer also said that so far, her other social media accounts including Twitter and Instagram pages have been unaffected by the cyber attack.