Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"I Did Not Approve That Video" - Say Dexta Daps After Fans Blast '7Eleven'

Days after fans lashed out at dancehall artiste Dexta Daps for a 'mediocre' video of his hit single '7 Eleven', the singer is now seeking to set the record straight.

According to Dexta Daps, the video was shot in January and was not completed because he did not approve of the quality of the video and had opted out of shooting more scenes.

"This video was not suppose, to be released. I did two scenes and could not do anymore because I didn't like the direction of the video. I wasn't pleased with the selection of the girls also. When I was asked to shoot the other scenes, I told them no because I wasn't comfortable with the video and they said OK," Dexta Daps told the media.

He went on to say that he too was surprised when the link to the video began circulating.

"I got a message about the video and I was shocked. It hit me exactly how it got my fans. This is not something I would put out to the world. I understand why I'm being blamed for it because it is my name that is on the song, but this is not a video I approved or would put out. The video nuh ready. You caan have a big song like 7 Eleven and dis a di video you put out to the fans."
Craig Harrisingh, a member of Daseca Productions and Dexta's management team, told the media that they thought the video had been shelved.

"The song has already peaked in Jamaica, so the video should have been geared to a more international audience. The video is super late and it wasn't even good enough for the local market, much less international. We told Troyton (the producer) that we weren't happy with it from the beginning. We knew fans would react to it this way because we all agree from the beginning that it nuh good," Craig stated.

While agreeing with some of the statements made by Dexta Daps, the song's producer, Troyton, felt that the video took too long to be released.

"Fans had been bombarding us with requests about a video so we decided to use this one as a promo. I later changed my mind about uploading the song online, but by that time it was too late. After it was up for two days and we saw the comments, we decided to pull the video. Earlier this year, Dexta and I had talked about doing an international video. To me, the video, which was directed by Robin Chin, was not that bad. Maybe the problem is that people waited too long," Troyton said.

In the meantime, Dexta Daps is currently promoting the video for Shabba Madda Pot and is scheduled to shoot the video for Slavery in the upcoming weeks.