Thursday, June 11, 2015

OMI Threatens Billboard Top 10 With 'Cheerleader'

Recording artiste OMI is on the verge of breaking into the Billboard Hot 100 top 10, with the remix of his song 'Cheerleader' by Germany-born Flex Jaehn. The single currently sits at number 11.

The remix, which was released in May 2014 by the United States-based recording label, Ultra Music, has climbed steadily on several foreign radio charts. It has also been playlisted on several radio stations, including the French radio station NRJ, East FM and Swedish radio station SR P3.

OMI, who inked a deal with Ultra Music in 2014, is also working with international label Sony Music Entertainment.

The artiste, who executed a comprehensive tour of Europe to promote the song, recently told the Media that the next step was to direct some of the attention to the United States market.

Given that some of OMI's focus has now been directed to the US market, the single has steadily climbed the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Since making its debut last month at number 95, Cheerleader has moved swiftly to the top 20, ahead of Shaggy's I Need Your Love which sits at number 66.

Wiz Khalifa's See You Again currently sits at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, however, the popular Fast and The Furious sound track single still trails OMI's Cheerleader in France despite leading the way on several other international charts.

According to an article posted on in May, based on growing popularity of Cheerleader in the US market, the single seems destined for the number one spot.

"Jamaican singer OMI's quickly rising Cheerleader is going to be the next ruler of the Hot 100. In two weeks on the chart, Cheerleader has already gone from No 95 to No 63 - so they might just be on to something", the page posted.