Thursday, July 2, 2015

BUSTED!.. Alkaline Caught Without His Contact Lens [SEE PHOTO]

Dancehall enigma Alkaline who was the recipient of a series of comical jabs by Foota Hype at this year's staging of Best Of The Best concert held in Miami, Florida is once again the center of controversy as the deejay was caught on camera without his 'supposed tattooed eyes'.

For sometime now the young star has been telling fans and members of the media that his eyes were permanently tattooed, whilst rubbishing speculations of wearing contact lens.

However it appears the bleached skin entertainer was recently photographed beside a child and forgot to insert his 'sclera contact lens' before leaving home. The photo shows the artiste wearing a white towel over his head with normal looking eyes.

Since the release of the photo many have taken to social media and other popular outlets chiding the artiste and the gullible masses,
One user stated, "Any body wah actually believe this fish ..need fi get a Bax....bout tattoo yey ..yuh have some really gullible Jamaicans" 

Meanwhile, with summer officially here it appears that the battle lines have been drawn once again as Dancehall's rising star Kalado has signaled his intention to start a lyrical warfare by throwing down the gauntlet to fellow controversial deejay Alkaline on the recently released Wrangla Riddim.

Alkaline who has been relatively quiet on the local scene released as single on the Dj Sunshine produced Wrangla Riddim titled 'Declare Weh Yuh Have' stating that potential contenders should declare their assets and career before they try to disrespect him. He also says he sees himself as the 'new Shabba Ranks of Dancehall', a statement that many within the genre has found offensive.

For many Dancehall has been stagnant in recent times and the possibility of a lyrical war could be a shot in the arm in reviving the exciting days.