Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lady Saw Extends Invitation to Macka Diamond To End Feud

In less than ten days entertainer Marion Hall more popularly known as Lady Saw will achieve another milestone, putting her leaps ahead of her female counterparts. At this year's Reggae Sumfest she is set to become the first female to do closing duties for Dancehall Night, in the festival's 23 years of existence.

Since the news broke there has been much congratulations heaped on Lady Saw while others are more cautious in their responses wondering whether she will be able to pull off all that is expected, including having patrons stick around just to see her close the show?

Another surprise is the invitation that has been extended to one of Saw's bitter rivals Macka Diamond to join her on stage at this year's staging of the festival. Saw said recently that she would like to have Macka Diamond on stage with her as she felt responsible for flopping her career when they had clashed at Sting in 2013.

Speaking in a radio interview Macka Diamond said, she has moved passed the feud and even forgave Lady Saw for her actions.

"I have forgiven Lady Saw and moved on from that dark chapter, I heard something about she inviting me to perform with her at Sumfest, but I am not sure if it's just people saying that but once I get an official call I would have no problem performing" - Macka Diamond added.

Meanwhile, alluding to the news to close dancehall night a confident Saw stated, "I feel very excited to be closing the show. Who best to close it than me? A female has never closed Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night ever, so I'm very honoured, I'm creating history. What I normally do, whenever I'll be closing a major show, is to write new lyrics. I always come original and always energetic. I'm planning something special for Sumfest."

Summerfest Productions, also discharged similar enthusiasim regarding the decision stating it was an easy one.

Sumfest kicks off on Sunday, July 12, with a Beach Party.