Wednesday, July 1, 2015

School Lab Tech Arrested, After Caught Having Sex With Student

A laboratory technician is now behind bars after he was caught having sex with a student at a Portmore, St Catherine school on Monday.

It's understood the female student was not wearing any under garments when the matter was discovered. The student reportedly told the principal that her underwear was beside a computer.

The name of the accused man and the school is being withheld at this time. However the report read.

“Upon our arrival I saw Mr. ….. on the outside of the Science Lab.  Miss ….. then opened the main door to the Lab. On entering, I saw six students in the main lab, five girls and one boy and another female student in the Prep room.  Mr……… then joined us.  I enquired what was happening to which Mr…… did not respond but the student attempted to speak but began crying. I then escorted her to the top of the main lab, at which time, she stated that the children accused her of having sex with Mr……..  She then reported that upon seeing and hearing the children and Miss ……, he hid her in the small skip that was placed in the Lab to collect old newspaper for the Science Projects,” the principal’s report stated. 

The Principal’s report also stated that the accused man attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended a short distance away and brought back to the school compound where he was arrested by officers from the Centre For the Investigation of Child Abuse and Sexual Offences (CISOCA).

The child’s mother was also called in and informed of the scenario.