Saturday, August 8, 2015

Aidonia & Deablo Stars At Dream Weekend's Celebrity Playground

It came as no surprise when the rains welcomed Appleton Special Celebrity Playground on Thursday, as this has become a part of this Dream Weekend party experience each year.

Patrons' spirits, however, were not dampened as the Negril hip strip remained busy and the lines outside the Wavz Beach venue kept moving as the massive made their way inside.

By 6:00 pm, the showers subsided and the red and white themed, all-inclusive party, was in full swing. There was absolutetly no room for boredom as Toronto-based DJ Charlie and the selectors from Coppershot and Chromatic Disco kept the audience in a dancing frenzy through a wide musical selection.

The best was yet to come. And at approximately 8:30pm as Aidonia's voice emerged over the microphone, his legions of fans cheered loudest. With selfie sticks pointing towards the stage, the party animals hung on to his every word as he saluted the marijuana smokers and farmers through songs like High Up Deh and Kush Inna Me Head. Overly excited females tried to touch him as he ventured towards the edge of the stage.

"Ladies a fi uno time now," he told them, as he diverted into a string of girls' tunes including 100 stab, 6:30, Fi Di Jockey and Tip Pon You Toe.

Chi Ching Ching and Deablo also complimented his set by delivering a few songs of their own.

Following Aidonia's scorching performance, Wavz Beach was ignited with fireworks, a yearly gesture that is part of the Celebrity Playground experience. After the fireworks, the patrons got patriotic and sang the first verse of the National Anthem.

The Dream Weekend party series continued an hour later with Skyy Vodka Twisted Spirtz Glow.