Sunday, August 2, 2015

Duane Stephenson Threatens Legal Action Against Producer For Fake EP

It has been brought to the attention of Duane Stephenson and his label Kong Star Records recently, that an EP entitled NATURE BOY is being promoted under the artiste’s name.

The EP released in July 2015 has been circulating on blog sites and digital distribution platforms including ITUNES and Spotify.

The material, released by record producer Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor, is four old singles recorded by Duane Stephenson when he worked with the producer almost seven years ago.

Two of the singles were added to Duane's first studio album "From August Town" released in 2007, the other tracks however were never intended to be a part of any project or compilation.

 “I’ve worked with McGregor before to do singles for my first album but there was never a discussion or negotiation to release these singles as an EP or Album. My team and I were surprised to see the EP being advertised. All the songs are old material and he was not given the permission to release any project/s" explained Duane.

Duane wants fans to be clear that this fake EP is not an authorized release from Duane Stephenson, his label Kong Star Records or VP Records who has released the only three legitimate album projects for the Reggae act, ‘From August Town’ ‘Black Gold’ and ‘Dangerously Roots’.

Currently Duane’s team is looking into pursuing legal action against Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor for his unauthorized release and compilation of the material.

"I'm appealing to persons who have done this before or those who are thinking to do it to put the music first. Think of the effect it will have, misleading our supporters and cheating them of their hard earned money. Think twice before you do this unscrupulous activity and think of the repercussions" Duane added. 

Duane is now in promotion mode with a brand new video from his latest album project Dangerously Roots released late last year. 'Ghetto Religion' features Tarrus ‘Singy Singy’ Riley.

His Music Video for 'Rastafari Way'  with Reggae Act Mackeehan currently sits at the Number 1 Spot on the Tempo Cross Caribbean Countdown.

To see all updates and legitimate projects Stephenson is working on visit his as well as Fans can also purchase a copy of Duane’s recent album “Dangerously Roots” at, or digitally on ITunes.