Friday, November 27, 2015

Is Alkaline Going Blind?.. Artiste Camp Responds [WATCH VIDEO]

Controversial dancehall star Alkaline is rumoured to be going blind as a result of his supposed eye tattoo. Multiple sources have informed members of the media that the deejay’s camp is worried that he could permanently lose his eye sight.

One source stated that the “Champion Boy” singer recently had to visit the doctor for a eye infection.

However, a representative from his camp is dispelling the rumors saying that they are not true and people should desist from saying such malicious things.

“Vendetta is doing fine he is not loosing his eyesight don’t believe the hype,” his rep stated.

“That is what the haters want to see but take a seat and look out for more champion music from Vendetta.”

Alkaline shocked the dancehall world in 2013 when he unveiled his eye tattoo. Earlier this year he again made headlines after he was caught on camera without his 'tattooed eyes'.

For sometime now the young star has been telling fans and members of the media that his eyes were permanently tattooed, whilst rubbishing speculations of wearing contact lens.

However it appears the bleached skin entertainer was photographed beside a child and forgot to insert his 'sclera contact lens' before leaving home. The photo showed the artiste wearing a white towel over his head with normal looking eyes. 

Alkaline's camp has since denied the photo saying it was fake and done using photoshop to try and discredit him.