Thursday, November 12, 2015

Music Promoter Ghetto Bomb Leaves Downsound Records

Since news broke of several assets belonging to business man Joe Bogdanovich being seized by the the Jamaican courts it appears a streak of misfortune continues to haunt the label.

Earlier this week it was revealed that famed street music promoter Ghetto Bomb has left the label.

According to information reaching our offices Ghetto Bomb's departure comes in the wake of what is described as an unresolved situation between himself and the Downsound head honcho. Bomb explain that he has tried on several occasions to contact Joe to have the matter resolved but his efforts proved futile.

"I go on the road to do my promotional work and see other people in the same party representing the label and doing what I am suppose to do... So that seems like them a try replace me. When I call joe he is always busy and can't talk... so that to me is as clear a signal as anyone can ask for." - Bomb added.

Ghetto Bomb says based on the current situation he has no choice but to leave and is now focused on furthering his own brand. Bomb is known for assisting the careers of several prominent artistes in the Jamaican music industry.

Meanwhile, regarding the recent seizure of Joe's assets a press release from DownSound Records (DSR) has revealed that the automobile was seized as a result of a matter currently before the courts. The statement highlighted that several assets belonging to Joe Bogdanovich, owner of DSR, were seized as part of the court settlement in a matter involving himself, Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell and producer Andre 'Rookie' Tyrell.

Bogdanovich refused to give any other details surrounding the issue, instead stressing that the matter is currently before the court.

"It is a legal matter which is currently before the courts, and is being addressed by our attorneys who will comment further at the appropriate time," he said.

Last month, Burrell and Downsound Records were ordered by the courts to pay $15 million in damages for use of the rhythm on Street Hustle, a song done by 2011 Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall winner, Specialist. In documents submitted to the court surrounding the case, Tyrell charged that Skatta and Downsound Records created a beat that they named the 'Street Hustle' rhythm, which was a reproduction or adaptation of his 'Super Star' rhythm. Tyrell claimed that he was not compensated for his work even though it was used in the song, as well as for a major advertising campaign.

The courts ruled on the matter and ordered that Tyrell be paid $9.5 million for statutory damages under the Copyright Act; $2.5 million for breach of moral rights, and US$15,000 (J$1,785,000) for general or compensatory damages.