Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Doctors Warn Against New Dance, After Man Gets Beaten In Head 15 Times With Barrel

Controversial moments at dancehall events typically involve women but a new video that has surfaced includes two men with one using a barrel cover to beat the other in the head repeatedly.

The video, which went viral on different social media platforms last weekend, garnered a lot of attention because of the strange nature of the dance routine by the two men.

In the video, the men are running around a circle to Vegas' Raging Bull. One bends slightly and other uses the metal barrel cover to hit him in the head more than 15 times.

The sound of the cover hitting the man's head echoed loudly in the party with the recipient of the hits not showing any visible signs of pain from the hits to his head.

Physician, Dr Jephthah Ford warns that seemingly harmless antics at these events can have serious physical consequences.

"It can go all the way from a minor injury to death especially if the hits to the head are done excessively and with heavy impact," said Ford.

An inflammation to the head, a concussion, a fractured skull, haematomoa (a solid swelling of clotted blood within the tissues) and brain swelling were all listed as the possibilities that could occur from the man being hit repeatedly in the head by the barrel cover.

The doctor cautioned party goers to limit the harm they can cause to themselves during their dance routines.

"I wouldn't recommend dangerous practices like these at parties because I don't think a patron wants to be the reason their friend dies or become seriously injured," added Ford.

A policeman said that if someone is injured at an event and the patron dies because of the actions of another patron, the other patron can face charges.

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