Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gully Bop Says Shaun Chin Attacked Him After He Found Out She Was Cheating [WATCH VIDEO]

The Drama Between Gully Bop and fiancée/manager Shauna Chin continues…

According to the Dancehall entertainer he was the victim Tuesday morning as Shauna Chin and her alleged lover tried to take his life with the help of a padlock.

In a video uploaded online, a battered Bop says his injuries were as a result of Chin’s actions.

What happened to you?” A female asked the “Body Specialist” deejay in the video… His reply was, “A Chin do dat man.”

Bop continued by saying his fiancée brought her lover into their home while he was booked for a show.

“Mi deh a show and Chin have man inna mi house, Chin bring man inna mi house, she wait till late…. an bring man inna di house,” said an irate Bop.

Bop claims that his fiancée of over a year, hid behind the door and then assaulted him with a padlock, he then said, “Tru mi deh a grung, she tink mi dead, an a try drive out wid di car an di gate lock.

Gully Bop says that’s when she started to video the incident while making claims that he wanted to make an attempt on her life, he says she wanted the media to blame him, Bop also added that their relationship ended a few months ago.