Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tanto Blacks Jumps Into Crowd & Falls Hard On Concrete Surface [WATCH VIDEO]

Resurgent dancehall personality Tanto Blacks also known as 'Mr. Real Rich' currently promoting his new single 'Rich' produced by ZJ Bambino has been creating quite a stir on social media and the local entertainment scene.

The artiste known for his catchy slangs such as 'Twitter', Bluetooth' and more recently 'Tanamane Tanamana' and 'Instagraaaaam' appears to not be so lucky when it comes to keeping himself 'grounded.'

During a recent performance at the University of the West Indies weekly event  Integration Thursdays, Tanto Blacks found himself face down on the ground after losing his footing during an energized set at the academic institution. Nonetheless fans cheered him on as he picked himself up from the somewhat embarrassing ordeal.

If that was not enough the colourful entertainer decided to up the ante a few notches during another performance at a Christmas road show when he attempted to jump into the crowd but found out the hard way that Jamaican audiences are not fans of crowd surfing, a practice made popular in the U.S by rock bands. Unfortunately when he jumped the crowd moved and the entertainer fell hard onto a concrete surface, but thankfully was not seriously injured despite some minor bruises.

Tanto Blacks in billed to appear along with Spice at the December 20th staging of Chug It at Sugarman Beach, Hellshire.