Saturday, January 9, 2016

Gully Bop's Ex-Girlfriend Shauna Chin Breaks Down In Tears While Telling Her Story [WATCH VIDEO]

Ever since the release of that infamous one minute clip just about 2 weeks ago featuring a very distraught sounding Ms Chin pleading for help inside a vehicle and a bloodied Gully Bop outside said vehicle, the Internet basically broke.  The Dancehall space logged on to what has been now coined “Keeping up with the Bops”.  

Today, in the eyes of fans and many others whose interest was only peaked by the the Bops ugly melee, Gully Bop has emerged the victim of domestic abuse, robbery and infidelity by the hands of Chin, while ironically, Shauna Chin, the presumed ex-girlfriend at this point, the one who recorded and released the video, the ‘damsel is distress’ has become public enemy number one! 

In this ONSTAGE Interview, her latest in a series of what some have called “bizarre” interviews, the business woman and aspiring artiste goes into combat mode.  The interviews’ undertone is basically this: Gully Bop isn't a saint and I was the only one willing to deal with it.  Stories of physical abuse, lack of trust, infidelity, Bops irrational nature, money squandering, separation from family and outright lies, all this supported by some convincing speech and real tears. 

By the looks of it the “Keeping up with the Bops” saga isn’t quite over, and while the masses have already decided who they believe regardless of this interview, for a few, the Jury is still out.  SEE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW.