Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tony Matterhorn Gets Backlash After Playing Alkaline Song At Vybz Kartel Party

It was a Vybz Kartel-dedicated dance just a few days after the Dancehall star’s birthday, but selector Tony Matterhorn did not stick the script.

According to a report by Loop, “Almost all songs had a Kartel flavour and the audience was very much in it, at the ‘Vybz Kartel vs Worl’ Boss’ party held at Oniel’s Place on Hagley Park Road on Friday night. They tooted their horns, flashed their lighters and broke out with wild abandon as the various selectors drew their Vbyz Kartel songs. To be true to the man, he has enough ‘chunes’ to last more than one night in the dance so there was no need for any other artistes to be featured.”

However Tony Matterhorn decided to go against the grain and played a few selections from some other artistes. One selection in particular – Alkaline’s Champion Boy – drew the ire of some members of the audience who berated him vociferously.

This did not go down well with the selector and he promptly took to the microphone and tongue lashed his detractors.

“Whappen to that if mi play some other artiste! Unnu go weh and low mi!” Matterhorn said in between expletives. “Mi ah play Kartel before nuff a unnu born!”

It all ended well, however, as the audience members were more interested in listening to their star’s many songs than sparring with a deflated Tony Matterhorn.