Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jah Cure Arrested in Bahamas... Manager Plead Guilty

Grammy-nominated Reggae singer Siccature Alcock better known as Jah Cure was on Monday arrested by Bahamian authorities following an altercation that took place at the Atlantis Paradise Island Hotel over the weekend.

Jah Cure, who was involved in an altercation with a Bahamian, was charged with fighting when he appeared in the Magistrate Court No. 1 on Monday morning.

The entertainer was charged along with his manager, but the charges were later dropped after the artiste plead not guilty and the prosecution decided to withdraw the case against him.

His manager, however, plead guilty and was fined $150 Bahamian dollars or one month in prison.

Prior to his court hearing, in an Instagram video, Cure said he didn't get beat up and he wasn't  in a fight. He said he was just trying to part a fight between two people, one of whom was very drunk. 

He admonished the security at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas for neglecting their duties  before the video ended. 

Jah Cure was in the Bahamas for a performance when the incident occurred.