Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dancehall Fans Bash Alkaline & Jah Cure For Homosexual-Looking Attire [SEE PHOTOS]

Being trendy and fashionable is one of the hallmarks of an entertainer however, like any trend there are boundaries; only days ago Grammy nominated reggae singer Jah Cure drew the wrath of harsh criticism from some Jamaican fans after he was spotted sporting an outlandish attire while on tour in Zimbabwe.

The Rastafarian crooner known for pushing the envelope of fashion; has been ridiculed online for what some consider "taking it a bit too far".

Donning a close fitted shirt and belt-less pants, which appears to be a size smaller than the entertainer; which was apparent by his top not being able to cover his belly and lower back properly – Cure made his way to a press conference in the motherland.

In an outcry on social media many have lashed out saying that Cure is not a 'real rasta' because rasta nuh dress like 'fish'. ( a terminology coined by Jamaicans to describe homosexuals). The singer has yet to respond to the criticism.

Meanwhile controversial entertainer Earlan Bartley better known as Alkaline has also found himself in the cross-hairs of the dancehall community for a similar offence.

The deejay has been accused of sporting a look that made him appeared effeminate. In a recent photo the 'City' singer was seen wearing a loose fitting brown shirt (some believe to be a blouse) with a wide neckline (a style generally associated with female clothing)

Since the revelation numerous  dancehall fans have expressed their disapproval of the entertainer's attire. According to one user on social media, "Alka yuh a mi artiste but bredda wah dat yuh have on ..weh yah go inna duh gyal blouse deh__ weh yuh a promote watch yuhself enuh yute".

Like Cure, Alkaline has yet to give attention to the accusation.