Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Bugle Tackles Relationship Issues In New Videos [WATCH VIDEOS]

Coming on the heels of an exhilarating performance at Sharkies Seafood Restaurant as part of the ongoing Appleton Estate Signature Nights series. Reggae singer Bugle over the weekend unveiled a pair of music videos tackling intimate relationships and the myriad of issues surrounding them.

The visuals for 'Unstable' and 'Replay', the latter featuring female songstress Shuga debuted on Saturday night via his official VEVO account 'Buglean9tedVEVO' to rave reviews. Shot throughout the Kingston and St. Andrew metropolis by filmmakers, Damaniac Visualz and Slick Studios respectively, the videos form part of an intense promotional campaign currently being undertaken by Bugle as the summer fast approaches.

The Rastafarian crooners say the intent behind releasing both projects simultaneously is that they work in tandem while creating a visual impact.

"Music is no longer merely about recording and releasing songs, nowadays you have to be bringing something more to the table and in this latest project, I chose to tackle the issue of relationships and the challenges involved. Also, you know once you have a song that is enjoying a certain level of presence people are expecting to see a video as we currently live in a world that is very visually driven so we have to make sure we use these various platforms to maximize our reach and get the message out to the masses." - Bugle intimated.

The 'Be Yourself' hitmaker says additional plans are already afoot for more visuals as the weeks unfold. This is based on the feedback of several additional recordings currently saturating the Diaspora.

Meanwhile, last month on Mother's Day (May 13th) Bugle who currently spearheads the very active An9ted Humanitarian Foundation (AHF) used his latest feeding initiative not only to assist the homeless but also pay tribute to the Mothers among the grouping. Blanketing the expanse of the Corporate Area the singer and his team made sure they were given special treatment, among being the first to be fed amid thanking them for their contribution to humanity despite their current social and economic perils.

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