Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lady Saw To Pay $1.5 Million After Dogs Maul Helper

Veteran female deejay Marion Hall better known as Lady Saw will have to pay out over $1.5 million in damages to a 62-year-old domestic worker who was hospitalized for a month after being mauled by dogs at the entertainer's upper St Andrew home three years ago.

Dorothy Wilson was awarded the sum with interests by Magistrate Leighton Pusey during an assessment of damages hearing last Wednesday in the Supreme Court. According to Wilson's witness statement submitted to the court as part of her lawsuit, she was attacked on September 29, 2009 after completing a day's work at the Chancery Hall, residence.

Wilson, who was represented in court by attorney Carla Brydson of the legal firm Archer, Cummings & Company, said in her witness statement that she was getting ready to leave the premises when the dogs pounced, ripping off a chunk of flesh from a leg and eating it.

The complainant further contend, she was left with over 20 bites when the approximately 10 dogs finally relented their brutal attack. The woman was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where she spent five weeks. Wilson said in the court documents that she had worked with Hall for about 15 years.
She also explained that at least three of the dogs were of the Pit-bull breed.

As a result of the attack, Wilson said in court documents that she is unable to work as she used to.
"To date, I'm still unable to use my right hand efficiently," Wilson said in her witness statement. she subsequently filed suit, but the case was not contested by Hall.

Hall's sister, who resides at the Chancery Hall home, told the media that it was she who hired Wilson, whom she knew for four years, to do laundry work, and not Hall, who was abroad at the time.
"I feel so bad about it because it was me who hired her," Hall's sister said.
According to Hall's sister, the grille was closed and Wilson knew that she was not supposed to go around the back area where the dogs were.

At the assessment of damages hearing last week, Wilson was awarded general damages in the sum of $1 million, with three per cent interest from March 29, 2011 to October 10, 2012.
Special damages was assessed in the sum of $482,601 with three per cent interest from the date of the attack, September 29, 2009, to October 10, 2012. Hall will also have to pay Wilson's legal fees.