Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pamputtae Pregnant & Dismisses Gay Allegations

Female Dancehall artiste Eveana Henry better known as Pamputtae has finally broken her silence following mounting speculations that she is gay.

The allegation emerged after a photo showing the deejay kissing another woman hit the social media and has been making its round via the internet. The woman in the photo is actually Pamputtae, however the 'Pat Yuh *****' singer explained that the photo is misleading based on several factors.

According to her, "there is a rumour going around that I am gay and I don't want that in my life right now. My friend kept a birthday party and she hugged me and kissed me. She was simply greeting and congratulating me on my new birth because I am pregnant right now. But because of how the picture tek, it looks misleading to the public. Then a certain website put out a story to add negativity to the picture. It's damaging to my life, so I want people to know it is nothing like that,"

A seemingly upset Pamputtae continued, "Some people weh ah tarnish mi name, look how much people a get rape and kidnapped, a dat unno fig guh talk bout. When unno see real gay people unno nuh sey nothing bout it ... so stop tarnishing my name and character. I don't have a clue what you are talking about,"

Currently in Canada, Pamputtae is slated to perform on an upcoming event and plans to release a single about the situation.