Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blak Ryno Calls Popcaan 'A Cowardly Dog' In New Song

Supreme Promotions head and STING 2012 co-promoter, Isaiah Laing is reportedly considering a lawsuit against Blak Ryno for allegedly instigating the much talked about incident with former friend and labelmate turn nemesis. This, after Ryno walked out on Popcaan’s as he tried to start a clash between himself and the self-professed ‘Fry Yiy.’

However, Popcaan was in no mood for lyrical confrontation, shoving Ryno off the stage before a near minute-long brawl ensued involving the artistes and their entourages.

Now, Laing seeks to punish Ryno for his actions in the courtroom, telling the local media on Friday that these events weren’t planned.

“This is a mystery. Blak Ryno was supposed to perform before Popcaan but because Popcaan was leaving the island for Africa, we decided to switch it around,” Laing explained. “Blak Ryno grabbed the mic from Nuffy and all hell broke loose. Thankfully, it was short-lived.”

According to the STING CEO, he’s contacted legal representation to find out if charges can be laid against Blak Ryno while threatening that he may never work with the deejay again.

Following the brawl, Popcaan returned to the stage where he performed Born Bad and a pair of other songs while professing his undying loyalty to long-time mentor, Vybz Kartel.

Meanwhile, Ryno defended his decision to come out on stage, telling the media that he wasn’t surprised Popcaan shoved him off the stage, claiming he did so out of cowardice. ‘Di Stinger,’ who was whisked away in handcuffs following the incident was subsequently released. Ryno has also refuted some of the promoter's claims stating that based on the level of security at the event everyone knows it's not possible for anyone to get on stage without authorization so people should look into that and they will see the truth.
Following the melee Ryno has since released a new single dissing Popcaan titled 'Courage' on the Stashment Records imprint.