Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dancehall Artiste Ajrenalin Rebounds In Turks & Caicos

After a series of technical mishaps at the just concluded Manchester Fiesta that forced deejay Ajrenalin to abandon his performance. The burgeoning Dancehall star was on the rebound over the Independence weekend at a concert in the British territory of Turks & Caicos.

Following an introduction from Christopher Martin, the young, hot and hype singer entered the stage singing his signature ‘One Room’ single before later segueing into one of his venomous freestyles much to the delight of the audience. Despite the brief stint the large gathering was very appreciative and rewarded him with bountiful adulations.

Other performers on the show included Reggae crooner and headliner Jah Cure who delivered a stellar set alongside fellow singer Christopher Martin.

After the show Ajrenalin describes the experience as a ‘memorable one’ intimating that he was very pleased to have gotten an opportunity to impart his brand of music on the predominantly Caribbean audience.

Back in the Jamaica, Ajrenalin is expected to release his second mixtape dubbed ‘Outbreak’ later this month. Outbreak will be the sequel to his debut mixtape ‘Mind Games’.