Thursday, April 30, 2015

Duane Stephenson Request Apology For Slavery

With the latest release, ‘Sorry Babylon’ from his third studio album, ‘Dangerously Roots’, Duane Stephenson is requesting apologies for hardships faced by the African race including that of slavery.

“Most of my songs reflect what I think and live by and "Sorry Babylon" is no different. The words in this song shine through, I wanted my fans to understand my thoughts and know the burden on my heart for my race.” Duane Explained

The passion for the black race is epitomized in the music video for the single as well. Recently released on Jamaican television, the Sorry Babylon video is calm but poignant. Shot in the busy streets of Downtown, Kingston by esteemed Jamaican video director,  Ras Kassa, the video for Sorry Babylon entails; real people randomly going about their daily lives, clips of the news and Duane himself reverberating primarily on the issues. 

With the content of the single itself Duane requests; “Tune into the words and do some retrospection and get a refreshing look into what I'm singing about, let the song speak to you”.

Since the release of Stephenson's third studio album ‘Dangerously Roots’ in September 2014 it has been performing exceptionally well, peaking at the number four spot on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart. The first Single ‘Cool Runnings’  also spent weeks on the Tempo Cross Caribbean Countdown late last year. His label Kong Star Records has continued to promote the album and its riveting singles in the United States, the Caribbean, as well as the nontraditional areas such as Brazil and Europe.  

Duane will be performing in Linden, Guyana this weekend and Basseterre, St. Kitts on June 28.