Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tall Man & Badda Bling Sever Ties With Flava Unit Sound

Former head of Marketing for Flava Unit Sound,  Dave 'Tall Boss' Scott says he and two of his colleagues have severed ties with the Portmore based sound system following an unresolved argument.

According to Scott the decision was taken Last Friday after an argument among team members turned sour subsequently leading to Scott, ace selectors Badda Bling and Little Rich parting ways to form their own musical outfit.

"It is unfortunate what transpired but at this stage there is no point in looking back or crying over spilt milk. Myself , Badda Bling and Little Rich have formed a new sound system called 'Di Unit' and fans that have grown accustomed to us over the years can still expect the same level of professionalism and musical energy from this revamped team." - Scott told 876ENT

"Persons who wish to conduct business with Di Unit can contact me using my same numbers" - Scott added.

Quizzed as to what will become of the original Flava Unit, Scott says they still exist but he was not in a position to comment on their welfare. The remaining members of Flava Unit are owner Dessi, Popeye and Denno.

Flava Unit recently celebrated a decade in the Jamaican entertainment industry