Friday, June 19, 2015

Gage Angers Facebook Fans With "I Am Saving Dancehall" Comment [LISTEN AUDIO]

Controversial dancehall artiste Gage has come under fire on social media from dancehall lovers who claim the artiste is delusional, after he suggested that he is the saviour for dancehall music in a recent interview.

"Right now, at the moment, I am just saving dancehall. If yu realise right now dancehall is in a little luu or wey yu call it. Yuh have reggae artiste fighting dancehall and yu have dancehall artiste switching to different genres. Hope when wi save it and it good, who run out don't run een back," Gage said in the interview.

The interview was posted by Zip 103 FM. However, several seemingly upset listeners took their grouse to Facebook. Questioning Gage's work ethics one viewer posted "Dwl if this man going to save dancehall, smh it really in a bad state. This man don't even have two songs on the radio."

Another expressed that Gage could only save dancehall if he assisted in the release of Vybz Kartel. "A think him mean him a guh a prison and tek dancehall (Kartel) space because Kartel is dancehall," the viewer posted.
Even Gage's recent image makeover was brought into the discussion. "What happen to this Vybz Kartel wannabe bout saving dancehall. This guy is not even selling records. Someone who can't produce a solid single to top charts can't save dancehall. Gage not because yuh a try look like Kartel dat nuh mean yuh can duh weh him duh. A wah dis man! Guh save yuh career," another viewer posted.

When contacted, Gage said his comments were taken out of context. The deejay says he was speaking against the politics involved in the music industry among other issues.

"When I spoke about saving dancehall I didn't mean me alone going to save it. It is up to all of us because it is our culture. I am still doing good music and promoting real dancehall. When I speak of saving dancehall, I am condemning the politics involved, like people not wanting to play your music because you are not in their circle and having to pay people to play your music,"Gage said.

The artiste is promoting singles like Baby Girl, No Problem and Dream among others. He is also set to perform at events in Barbados, Trinidad, Porus and Reggae Sumfest.

Gage was nominated in the category of Deejay of The Year at the recently concluded Star Awards.