Thursday, June 18, 2015

KFC Responds To Fried Rat Controversy [WATCH VIDEO]

A photo posted of a very oddly shaped piece of chicken went viral yesterday. The man, who posted the photo, Devorise Dixon, claims to have received the strange bit of chicken in a three-piece meal from an KFC outlet in Los Angeles.

Dixon wrote on Facebook that, “as I bit into it I noticed that it was very hard and rubbery which made me look at it.”

According to a tweet from the 25-year-old, he took the chicken back the KFC restaurant where he bought it. He claimed that the manager informed him that the weirdly shaped chicken was actually a rat and apologised offering Dixon a free meal.

People on social media soon began to doubt the young man's rat story, with some even making detailed posts on sites such as Imgur debunking the idea that it was a fried rat.
The fast food chain released a statement responding to the allegations. The chain said that they offered Dixon the opportunity to “have a lab evaluate the product at our own expense, but the customer refuses to provide the product in question."

“Our chicken tenders often vary in size and shape, and we currently have no evidence to support this allegation,” explained KFC.

“KFC has made various attempts to contact this customer, but he is refusing to talk to us directly or through an attorney."

On Wednesday a KFC spokesperson told the media that all staff at the restaurant in question denied telling Dixon that what he's received was a rat.

The Huffington Post reported that company emailed them a zoomed in version of Dixon’s original photo, which clearly shows that it was indeed a piece of chicken.