Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kalado Apologises After Pushing Woman To The Ground While Dancing [WATCH VIDEO]

Dancehall artiste Kalado has been the subject of much criticism after a video emerged on social media with the entertainer and a female dancing at a party to his song “Personally”. 

In the video, the deejay forcefully pushes upon the rear of the female who was bent over at the time, sending her flying face down on the ground. Kalado has since received mixed criticism especially from the female populous about the manner in which the young lady was treated. 

According of one female, "Wah mek him push dung the gal suh???"   

While another wrote, People need to respect themselves to gain respect from others. What did she expect when she's putting her self in that position literally lol sorry but I dont feel sorry for her, hopefully she learnt her lesson."

Kalado has since issued an apology and it read, "I apologize to all who were offended by that video, Kalado is for the ladies. I love them and disrespecting them is not my thing."

On the subject of apologies and falling, it was only recent during a performance in Guyana that Kalado was performing his hit single, Make Me Feel, when he suddenly lost his balance and fell on top of a female patron ... much to the delight of the crowd and, surprisingly, the patron.

The artiste got up, helped her up and apologised. To his surprise. her response was, "lets do it again".

No one was hurt during that incident.

Responding to the mishap Kalado said, "The stage was very narrow, mi get caught up in di performance an' lose mi balance ... mi just laugh it off and di crowd cheer and di show continue".