Friday, June 12, 2015

L.A Lewis & Ras Myrhdak Fight, L.A Says Nobody Remembers Him [WATCH VIDEO]

After a video of L.A. Lewis and Ras Myrhdak shoving each other appeared on social media, dancehall enigma L.a. Lewis is now seeking to set the record straight.

According to Lewis, he went to the studio to voice some songs when he heard Ras Myrhdak, who was doing an interview, calling his name.

"Me hear him a call up me name so me go round deh and go fi 'shub' him, but Stampede (reggae/dancehall promoter) hold me back and Myrhdak chuck me first," he said

He added that Ras Myrhdak, who had previously 'dissed' him in a song, was jealous of his success.

"Me have a summer song wid Vybz Kartel, a it a di hottest ting right now so a dat's why him vex. When me a make me millions and a drive up my seven cars, nobody never know him. Me own two house before him own a bathroom. A just because me nuh show off make people think me nuh have up me tings," L.A. Lewis said.
He also blasted Ras Myrhdak for stealing his song Blazer almost 10 years ago.

"Dem never show the part a the video where my 20 bodyguards rush him and me haffi a beg fi him. A me save Myrhdak life dat day cause my bodyguards did a go deal wid him. A true me promise judge Pusey say me ago behave meself why me a gwaan easy. Ras Myrhdak vex true me song a mash up Antigua and him flop," L.A. Lewis said.

However, Ras Myrhdak had a different explanation. He said he was doing his interview when L.A. Lewis decided to 'jump in'.

"Him push him head in a me interview so me just push him out. I'm a real Rasta, me nuh deal wid war. If is a lyrical war him want, me ready fi him."

He also sent out a warning to Fantan Mojah, who he stated was sending out threats about a clash at Sting.

"Send out L.A. Lewis or the Fat Dready cause me ready. Dem fi know say them can't approach the business wid violence. We can have our disagreements, but we need to keep it lyrical. A me teach Fantan Mojah fi sing, so any stage dem want, me ready fi dem," Ras Myrhdak added.