Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gully Bop & Mc Nuffy Diss Tony Matterhorn, Selector Issues Strong Warning [WATCH VIDEOS]

Controversial Jamaican selector Tony Matterhorn who was recently photographed allegedly posing with two cross dressers at an overseas event is once again the focus of more controversy.

After the photo went viral the very vocal jock took to social media explaining his reason for taking the picture, " "Sunday gone mi a tek picture with pure girls, two tall girls come, mi tek picture... today on Facebook, 'him ah tek picture with transvestites..." Matterhorn said, adding 

"mi nuh care if they look like demon... I don't care, I tek the picture dem because I am not prejudiced, I am not racist. They go about their merry ways, I go my ways."

Well, apparently that explanation was not satisfactory for fellow entertainers Gully Bop and Mc Nuffy who took the selector to task during a stop in New York City on their current U.S. tour.

In a video which appears to be recorded in the vicinity of the New York City Pier, Bop and Mc Nuffy chided Matterhorn saying they saw him on Facebook with a man rubbing down his belly like jelly before stating that "fi one likkle matterhorn and him likkle b***y gone."

Tony Matterhorn has since responded to the two in a very expletive laden video issuing a very stern warning as to what will unfold when they cross path.