Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"I Don't Need 100 Songs To Prove That I Am Running Dancehall" - Says Aidonia [WATCH VIDEO]

Currently occupying the No.1 & No.3 spots with 'Nuh Boring Gyal' on the Pree Dis TV Top 10 and Entertainment Report Top 10 Charts aired on TEMPO and Television Jamaica (TVJ) respectively. Dancehall artiste Aidonia despite enjoying a strong presence is not pleased with several ill-practices within the industry.

Last week during an interview on the popular Nightly Fix radio show the deejay said a lot of artistes in the local industry are not being given the respect and justice they deserve pointing to acts such as Mr. Vegas and J-Capri among several others including himself.

According to Aidonia when you scan the music markets globally, a lot of what is being hyped  in Jamaica never gets beyond the island's shores. He went further to explain that throughout his extensive travels he has been to many regions heard songs from a plethora of overlooked local acts doing very well in those space, yet they are not given the due justice locally. He also alluded to the waggonist mentality currently surrounding OMI's career.

Another point of contention for the deejay was the mindset that artiste have to flood the airwaves with music in order to be perceived as being 'hot' and 'running the place'. Speaking in the almost hour long interview the 4th Generation boss rubbished that notion citing that music must be about quality and not quantity,

"Me nuh haffi have hundred song fi prove seh mi a run the place ... because a man can have hundred song and mi find one weh kick weh the hundred....  all it takes is one, thats why me say 1Voice"

Aidonia also used the interview to talk about the peace initiative with his perennial rival Busy Signal and the unity with Popcaan. Other topics discussed included the upcoming release of his 'Project Sweat' compilation and the next phase of his One Voice Foundation.

With a full roster of activities for the summer Aidonia's next appearance will be at the Appleton Dream Weekend 'Celebrity Playground' slated to unfold on Thursday, August 6 in Negril.