Monday, August 10, 2015

Gully Bop's Fiancee', Shauna Chin Survives Serious Car Accident [SEE PHOTO]

Over the weekend several reports have emerged that Shauna Chin, the fiancee of entertainer Gully Bop, was involved in a serious car accident.

Chin, now embroiled in a war of words with famed selector Tony Matterhorn and a possible lawsuit was reportedly heading towards Montego Bay, St. James when the accident occurred.

According to a source the accident happened along the Duncans/Wilshire thoroughfare, the car was reportedly heading towards Montego Bay before the driver lost control. Two other passengers were in the motor vehicle at the time of the accident. 

Eyewitnesses say that Shauna Chin has a big gash on her head, and other facial injuries.  She was rushed to the hospital and admitted in serious condition. However, she was lucid and communicative despite the melee, according to reports.

Sources in Shauna Chin's camp believe that "witchcraft is at work".

"No man, nutten coulden go so. One minute, dem a drive good good and the next minute, the car crash and write off, ah witchcraft this, ah pure obeah inna the music business," one source close to Gully Bop's camp, said.

Meanwhile, Chin, who was recently described by Tony Matterhorn as a 'dog', said that the remarks are damaging to her career.

"I have my music career now and he's slandering my name and my image! I have all rights to pursue a defamation of character suit. I am seriously considering this and have been in talks with my lawyer. I have nothing to do with all of this," she stated.