Monday, August 10, 2015

Tony Matterhorn Prevails At Dream Weekend Despite Negative Criticism

Iconic sound system selector Tony Matterhorn entered the World Vibes Clash at Dream Weekend with several strikes against his name. However, even with all the negative publicity surrounding his brand, the veteran still managed to defeat a crop of vibrant sound systems who were hungry for the taste of a veteran's blood in musical warfare.

Matterhorn was last to play in each round, and, with that arrangement, each selector took aim at his colourful social media character and a recently released photo which showed him posing with two persons said to be females which, however, resembled drags. The same photo also embroiled Gully Bop, MC Nuffy and Matterhorn in a heated social media feud last week which saw the selector issuing threats of violence.

Redd Heat, Di Unit, Jugglerz and Grenade all had high moments during their sets. However, Tony Matterhorn, after soaking up all the slander from the selectors, seemed to touch the stage with a vengeance.

He started his set with a slew of Sizzla dubplates and also whipped each opposing selector with a number of fiery expletives as the patrons cheered him on. Even some of those fans, who were not fond of Matterhorn's online antics, couldn't help but give him credit for the way he brutally converted his online rage into musical battle.

Overseas-based sound system Jugglerz, perhaps got the worst of Matterhorn's insults. Selling themselves as last year's clash winner, they felt they had enough ammunition to defeat the Matterhorn, however his insults were just too much for the fans to ignore.

Matterhorn not only questioned their manhood, sexual practices and musical skills, but even went as far as to call them culture vultures and racists, comparing the German sound to Christopher Columbus, who he claimed was a thief.

"After mi guh Canada and tek a picture with two gyal dem ..... a talk bout mi tek picture with drags. That simply mean sey unno have b..... eyes. Unno guh chuck through unno m..... Yu see as Nuffy and Gully Bop call up mi name crosses reach dem, a wi kill enuh," he said and played Buju Banton's Boom Bye Bye to roaring approval.

Not even host of the show, Renaissance Jazzy T, was spared Matterhorn's wrath. "Yu sell out Jamaica fi euro....," Matterhorn said and played an explicit dubplate bashing the veteran.

Jazzy T, who did not travel prepared for a clash was forced to defend his honour, and, luckily, he had a French Montana dubplate and Demarco special which helped him save face in the wake of Tony Matterhorn's spontaneous attack.

At the end of the music, slander and brawl, Tony Matterhorn walked away as the winner. However even in victory he still threw a few jabs at his opponents stating that he would rather be beaten by Badda Bling of Di Unit or another up-and-coming Jamaican sound system than be defeated by a German sound.

Appleton's Dream Weekend concluded last night with a J'Ouvert, starring Machel Montano.