Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pamputtae Angry With Producer Justus, Publicist Says She's Paranoid

Dancehall artiste Pamputtae is now lashing out at record label, JA Productions, as she believes the company is treating her unfairly.

According to Pamputtae, the record label, owned by Justus Arison, recently released the 'Life Support' rhythm on which she voiced a song, but is yet to see her name on any promotional material.

"Me see everybody name pon the flyer, so weh my name deh? A wha me do Justus? Mi song, Money We Say, sound good. It would be the Christmas anthem for females. Me feel a way," she said

She said she was further infuriated because some selectors told her they did not receive her song as part of the rhythm.

"Me know Popcaan have the biggest song pon the rhythm, but why am I not being promoted also? It's not like I'm not putting in the work. Some deejays say dem nuh get my song. Is like a only the man dem a get promoted," she said.

Pamputtae also added that producers in general prefer to promote male artistes than females.

"Dem come like music police. When you voice, dem lock it up. Females can't get a strength anymore? Does talent matter nowadays, or is it just links and who yuh rate?," she questioned.

When asked if she spoke to Justus about the issue, Pamputtae said she spoke to one of Justus' associates who could not provide reasonable explanation why she was left off the promotional material.

"Dem a gwaan like music only live in a one man yard. Dem fi know say rain nuh fall pon one man house top. Today fi you, tomorrow fi me. Look at Gully Bop as an example," she said.

When contacted, a source at JA Productions said though she had been left off the initial promotional flyer, her song has been playing on radio stations and is a part of the official rhythm.

This was seconded by JA Productions' PR, Claude Mills, who said that Pamputtae is being paranoid.

"If she was left off the promo, it's an oversight. Her song is being promoted. We always promote female artistes because they move major units and have proven to be big sellers. Maybe Pamputtae wants some extra hype and promotion, and if that's the case, then she can call me," Mills said.