Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"I'm Like Drake" - Kalado Talks About Feud With Masicka [WATCH VIDEO]

Currently embroiled in a war of words with fellow deejay Masicka, dancehall star Kalado recently sat down with members of the media to speak about the ongoing feud.

During the over ten minutes long interview Kalado explained that it was his song 'Rifle Attack' in which he plays on a lot of pun that started the rift midway the session he also likened himself to Canadian rapper Drake with Masicka being the equivalent of Meek Mill.

According to the 'You Make Me Feel' singer, "If me fi tek it to that road deh none badda try know that.. dem woulda haffi go fi Vybz Kartel fi mi and him go at it."

Kalado also used the opportunity to rubbish the reports of him being at odd with the Warlord Bounty Killer,

"There is nothing to correct because nothing was incorrect to begin, if them look they would see me and Bounty Killer at Uptown Monday just Monday gone.. a talk the whole time we a reason pon some issues."

Though Masicka is known to leap at every opportunity to level insults at other artistes, Kalado perhaps this time around did provoked Masicka who swiftly released a counteraction to Kalado's song titled Crocodile Dem A Work, says Kalado called his name to rejuvenate his career.

"Ah attention him a look, but yuh know from Kalado call mi name, mi have to defend it. Mi know say him ting drop off and Bounty Killer nuh waah see him because him no know wah him a say. So mek the fans dem know mi a deal wid the matter real quick and end him career," Masicka said, who is currently promoting two other singles, Hardball and Lights On.

The deejay also says he will challenge Kalado lyrically at any stage show.