Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nesbeth Soars On British Chart & Makes Hot 97 Debut With 'My Dream'

As STING draws closer with many entertainers engaged in feuds to get attention Reggae firebrand Nesbeth is certainly not among that group, despite the increased presence he has been enjoying in recent time.

Since returning from a European stint the Rastafarian singer has been busy campaigning with his latest single 'My Dream' which has soared to the No.2 spot on the British based 'Beat FM' Top 10 Reggae/Dancehall Chart and was officially debuted on the popular New York based Hot 97 over the weekend.

Nesbeth says he is very pleased with the revelation citing that his aggressive campaign is slowly coming to fruition but what is even more important is the appreciation that people are still showing for good music in the local space.

"It's really gratifying to see that people still appreciate good, clean, uplifting music and it's a great feeling to see them throwing their support behind the song."

Slowly becoming a staple on the playlist of several top tier disc jocks 'My Dream' has also been doing very well across Europe and the Americas. The single also  occupies the No.19 spot on Natty B's Official U.K Reggae Chart amidst enjoying premium rotation locally.

Nesbeth further explain that following the official premiere of the song via BBC 1Xtra with Seani B the ‘Entertainment Soul’ produced single has seen a significant spike subsequently landing him further endorsement from Reggae & Dancehall stalwarts such as David Rodigan and Jabba of Hot 97 among several other radio outlets.  

When quizzed about the inspiration and feedback on ‘My Dream’ the singer further stated, The song "My Dream" is about the manifestation of one's thoughts; dreams; goal and aspirations___ in other words the vibration that you send out is what you receive. In the song I speak of things that is happening and things to be, whilst it's important to have a dream  it's  more important to live the dream.”