Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ishawna Mercedes Benz Returned After Being Seized By Court [WATCH VIDEO]

Controversial female dancehall artiste Ishawna took to Instagram recently to show that the white Mercedes Benz which was given to her, and later seized, is now back in her care.

In her Instagram video post, Ishawna is seen driving her Mercedes-Benz, while listening to Chris Martin’s “Big Deal”.

Ishawna captioned the video,"Good Morning," adding several exclamation marks, which seems to suggest that she is very excited to have the precious commodity back.

Several assets owned by Downsounds’ Josef Bogdanovich were seized on November 5, including the Mercedes-Benz. 
The seizure came in the wake of a judicial ruling last month in which Cordell 'Skatta' Burrell and Downsound Records were ordered by the courts to pay $15 million in damages for use of the rhythm on Street Hustle, a song done by 2011 Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall winner, Specialist.

In documents submitted to the court surrounding the case, Tyrell charged that Skatta and Downsound Records created a beat that they named the 'Street Hustle' rhythm, which was a reproduction or adaptation of his 'Super Star' rhythm. Tyrell claimed that he was not compensated for his work even though it was used in the song, as well as for a major advertising campaign.

The courts ruled on the matter and ordered that Tyrell be paid $9.5 million for statutory damages under the Copyright Act; $2.5 million for breach of moral rights, and US$15,000 (J$1,785,000) for general or compensatory damages.