Monday, December 14, 2015

Shebada Diss Mc Nuffy Again In New Voice Note "Tells Him Bring Back Gully Bop Dentures" - Says Actor

Controversial comedic actor Shebada has hit out at Nuffy again, in a voice note posted online where he is quoted as calling the popular emcee a "dreamsnatcher" for attempting to snatch deejay Gully Bop's dreams.

Shebada also said that Nuffy had failed to snatch Gully Bop's dreams referring to a much-publicised brouhaha earlier this year between Heavy D, Nuffy and Gully Bop.

"Nuffy is a dreamsnatcher, him walk and snatch people dreams, ah smart Gully Bop smart, him coulden kill Gully Bop dreams, the closest him ketch a Gully Bop teeth, tell him fi bring back Gully Bop dentures," Shebada said.

He dubbed Nuffy a Sting phenomenon, happening once a year.

"Nuffy nuh have no career, Nuffy nuh have no talent. Mi nuh haffi use him to be relevant, Nuffy say him never relevant yet, him career start when Sting start and done as Sting done, Nuffy career name quint," he said.

Nuffy responded to Shebada's taunts this week saying that Shebada was trying to stay relevant.

"Nobody nah talk bout Shebada yah now so him just a look a forward ... cuz him nuh inna my league," he said.

Shebada continued to throw jabs at Nuffy.

"Tell Nuffy say mi wi touch him before Sting and mek the artistes dem talk rings bout him. Mi waan wrap up Nuffy like a sandwich and spread a towel like mi de ah one picnic," he said.

Shebada also accused the emcee of stealing his hairstyle but Nuffy shot back.

"Shebada nuh own nuh style roun yah," he said. "Mi a wear hairstyle long before him, and fi mi and fi him nuh similar at all. A Trevor cream fi him hair, a my wife cream and colour mine."