Thursday, July 12, 2012

Khago Delivers at Ochi Explosion & Ready For Sumfest

Khago warmed up for his upcoming performance on Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest with yet another marquis performance during the Ocho Rios Explosion last week at Turtle Beach Park.

Hitting the stage at 2:40 a.m, Khago could do no wrong when he faced a packed venue of cheering supporters. With one of the most accomplished backing bands, Ruff Kutt, striking up the beats, Khago ran on singing his trademark, "Mi Blood a boil u nuh see mi blood a boil" and the crowd broke out into a tizzy of hand-waving.

He interacted with the crowd well, assuring the ladies that he's got it here for dem saying "di woman dem deya but before mi get to unnu mi have to chat mi mind" and sang  out "mi naw mek dem drain my energy" to the delight of crowd. Lighters and torches went up in unison and the crowd cheered. Khago seems to have found a new lease on life and that is apparent even in his dressing as he sported a more classy  look this time around, and he called attention to his new threads by saying: "dem say mi no have no clothes, but mi caan buy no clothes until mama have a roof over her head". More cheers. Louder this time.

Then Khago pleased his female audience as he did "Tun Up Di Ting", with a great mix from the band, and  as he blazed through the first few lines and there was an immediate roar from the crowd as the entire venue seemed to ignite with torches. He continued the great vibes with songs such as "Tax inna My world" before declaring that he would not be intimidated. He mentioned his detractors such as I Octane and a few others.

"After Capleton mek the peace, it come in like dem still a throw word, but the people dem waan know who dem a talk," he said.

Then he did a crazy four bar verse, deejaying: 'mi no waan no half a peace/or else mi ah go link Gully Gadd over Cassava Piece/and get back the strap inna grease'.

The crowd roared its forward. However, the real stinger came when he took jabs at Sizzla Kalonji, with whom he has been engaged in a lyrical feud, stating that he won't be bullied by  anyone and that "mi ah mi owna don". The crowd loved it. After that tirade, Khago segued neatly into "Dem Caa Tell mi Nutten" on the Dufflebag riddim.

Other standout performances on the show came from Bounty Killer, I Octane, and Aidonia.