Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Alkaline Diss Beenie Man, Calls Him "A Big P***y and A Liar" [SEE PHOTO]

Less than a day after the self proclaimed King of the Dancehall – Beenie Man during a performance at Galiday Bounce in Ewarton, St. Catherine leveled accusations that fellow entertainer Alkaline had turned his back on Jamaica and its people, the 'City' deejay has fired back via a social media rant.

Beenie Man whose given name is Moses Davis went further with his audience stating“Alkaline say him done wid dutty Jamaica, he said it with with his own mouth" and refuses to perform on any local stage, yet Jamaican fans are still cheering for him.

According to the Dancehall doctor, "Well I am a dutty Jamaican… and will forever perform for my dutty people”, before asking if they loved him.

The Vendetta deejay has not taken kindly to Beenie's rhetoric and decided to use his Instagram account to address the veteran entertainer. In very unsavoury terms Alkaline called him an enormous vagina and a liar, adding that he does not know Beenie Man personally.

Alkaline considered among the top tier of dancehall and a contender for Artiste of the year 2016 has been very opened about his refusal to perform in Jamaica regardless of the quantity of money offered by promoters for his appearance.